Ventolin Art Space//NEWNOW Art Space
Ventolin Art Space//NEWNOW Art Space
Ventolin Art Space//NEWNOW Art Space

Ghost Sensation at NEWNOW

Suska Bastian (DE)

Mia Bencun and Wegehe Rufi (DE)

Luisa Hansal (AU)

Alicia King (AU)

Ursula Kuiper (AU)

Kimberley Pace (AU)

Deborah Prior (AU)

Ghost Sensation is a collaborative exhibition between Ventolin Art Space and NEWNOW Art Space. As part of this project Ghost Sensation is the exhibition curated by Ursula Cooper that will be hosted by NEWNOW Art Space in Frankfurt, Germany.

Ghost sensation, a term coined for this exhibition, is intended as a starting point for a visual investigation that interrogates concepts that cross a boundary between rationality and belief. This concept encompasses phenomena that exceeds or blurs limits of rationality. This is a highly contentious subject at the scrutiny of sceptics and believers, but describes an intangible sensation that is impossible to ignore.

Key dates:

19-26 June - EAST SAPPHIRE, Ventolin Art Space, Brisbane, Australia

04-11 July - Ghost Sensation, NEWNOW Art Space, Frankfurt, Germany