Photo by Ursula Cooper.


Ventolin Art Space is a gallery without a space. We facilitate an experimental platform for artists to exhibit internationally. Teaming up with initiatives and galleries across the world we take over new spaces producing short-term exhibitions. More than just a curatorial platform we aim to provide a international trajectory for artists to exhibit while facilitating dynamic exhibitions. 

With a focus on new-media, video, installation and site specific works, Ventolin Art Space endeavours to actively contribute to the critical dialogue within the contemporary art community. We aim to strengthen discussion surrounding emerging experimental art. 


As long as the project gets done, we believe in doing it the right way. This is why we produce slow exhibitions, focusing on a couple of shows a year. By doing this we like to avoid “boring exhibitions”, which we believe is a by-product of galleries losing sight of vision though churning out too many shows. Working in this way allows us to channel our time and resources to deliver innovative projects.

Projects take place in multiple locations, but at all times, Ventolin Art Space respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land in which each exhibition takes place.